HERMES predicts ceRNA (competing endogenous RNA) interactions from expression profiles of candidate RNAs and their common miRNA regulators using conditional mutual information.

HERMES Version 2.0

HERMES v2.0 is provided in both R and MATLAB. The unpacked directory includes input data, example input and output, and program files. All usage information, for each matlab and R file, is provided in file headers. Please refer questions and suggestions to Huasheng Chiu.

Download HERMES Version 2.0 here

HERMES Version 1.0

HERMES v1.0 is provided as a MATLAB function. It takes in an input file that includes expression profiles for two ceRNAs followed by expression profiles of their miRNA regulators. The application includes the following files.

  • README – usage instructions
  • sample_input – sample input file
  • sample_output – sample output file
  • Hermes.m – the Hermes MATLAB function
  • mi_ap_cond.m – required subroutines for Hermes

Download HERMES Version 1.0 here

Related publication

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